Mrs Henry's 7th Pre-Algebra/8th Math

The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple. ~S. Gudder

Lessons for April 20-24, 2020 and April 27-May 1, 2020

Parents and students- I apologize that this was posted late this week.

TEKS for the Weeks: 8.7B

For this week and next week, April 20-May 1, we will focus on finding Surface Area. I placed the packet at the entryway at the school.  Most students have already picked it up or printed it from home from the PDF posted in Google Classroom.  Videos to watch for the notes are posted in google classroom along with how to turn in the assignments.  I am very proud of how many students are completing their work.  Keep it up and hang in there.  We only have a few more weeks! We want to finish the year ROUGHNECK STRONG!

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Lessons for April 13-17, 2020

With the storm/power outages I have chosen to let this be a catchup week for 7th grade advanced Math.  Please be sure you have completed all of the REMOTE learning lessons posted so far (lessons 1-13).  I will begin posting work for next week on Friday.

Also, just a reminder of our 7th grade advanced math ZOOM times:

  • Monday- 3pm
  • Wednesday- 2:30pm
  • Friday- 3pm

And be sure to join the entire 7th grade class ZOOM with all of the 7th grade teachers each Wednesday at 3pm if you are able to.   I can’t wait to see all of you face-to-face SOON!!!!  Take care and stay safe!

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Lessons for April 6-10, 2020

TEKS for the WEEK: 8.6A, 8.6B, 8.7A

If you have not yet done so, please go to google classroom and complete REMOTE lessons 12 and 13 over Volume of Cones and Spheres. These are due by Friday, April 10, at midnight.

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Lessons for March 30-April 3, 2020

TEKS for the Week: 8.6A, 8.6B, 8.7A

I have loaded 4 Remote learning lessons in GOOGLE Classroom.  These are due by this Friday, April 3, at 11:59pm.  Please watch the videos before completing the assignments.  Thank you!!!

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REMOTE learning lessons are READY!!!

Go to google classroom and complete the 7 remote learning lessons that I have posted on SOLVING EQUATIONS and the 1 remote learning lesson from the QuaranTime1 video.

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Lessons for March 17-20, and March 23-27, 2020

TEKS for the Week: 8.8A, 8.8B, 8.8C

I will be posting instructions and assignments in google classroom for the next two weeks. You will have 7 Remote Learning lessons to complete regarding solving equations. Please check your email and google classroom daily! In fact I just posted our first assignment.  It is due by Monday at noon.  Don’t panic!  It is just joining our class group on a website and posting a short video. Hang in there!  We will get through the next two weeks!

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Lesson Plans for March 2-6, 2020

TEKS for the Week: 8.6A, 8.6B, 8.7A 

Monday: Volume of Prisms and Cylinders NOTES; NO HOMEWORK due to away track meet

Tuesday: Volume of Prisms and Cylinders finish notes and practice; HOMEWORK- worksheet

Wednesday: Volume of Pyramids and Cones; HOMEWORK- worksheet

Thursday: Volume of Spheres; HOMEWORK – worksheet 

Friday: Early PI Day celebration with ALL THINGS PI!!!

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Lesson Plans for February 24-28, 2020

TEKS for the WEEK: Review of 7th grade TEKS on area to prepare for VOLUME and SURFACE AREA

Monday: Go over the BENCHMARK

Tuesday: Go over the BENCHMARK ; I was out so they watched a video on Surface Area with nets of prisms

Wednesday: EARLY RELEASE ; Go over the BENCHMARK

Thursday: Area of Parallelograms, Triangles and Trapezoids

Friday: Area and Circumference of Circles

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Lesson Plans for February 3-7, 2020

TEKS for the Week: 8.6C, 8.7C, 8.7D, 8.8D

Monday: Angle relationships – complementary, supplementary, right, straight, vertical, adjacent, triangles sum to 180; HOMEWORK- finish the homework from Friday if not finished yet

Tuesday: Angle relationships – alternate interior, alternate exterior, corresponding, same side interior, same side exterior; HOMEWORK- Worksheet

Wednesday: Angle Relationships practice; HOMEWORK- Finish the classwork if not finished in class and post a pic or image of a real life object that contains a right triangle in the RIGHT TRIANGLES padlet that is linked in Google Classroom.

Thursday: Exploration and introduction to the Pythagorean Theorem – Solving for missing lengths and areas in models; HOMEWORK- Worksheet

Friday: Using the Pythagorean theorem to solve for missing leg lengths and hypotenuse lengths in right triangles; HOMEWORK- worksheet

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Lesson Plans for January 27-31, 2020

TEKS for the Week: 8.3A-C, 8.10A-C

Monday: Review of transformations- reflections, translations, rotations and dilations; HOMEWORK – Complete the REVIEW

Tuesday: Check the review, go over any questions and practice writing rules from completed graphs ; HOMEWORK- STUDY for the test!

Wednesday: EARLY RELEASE; more practice with transformations; HOMEWORK- study for the test

Thursday: TEST over transformations; NO HOMEWORK 

Friday: Similar figures and proportions; HOMEWORK- Punchline worksheet with similar figures

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